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Claim Process

Contact Sutherlands Exteriors for a Free Inspection today!

• Call (704) 784-0043 to schedule your Free inspection & damage assessment with one of our Project coordinators.


• Contact Sutherlands Exteriors (704) 784-0043 to Assist you in filing your claim.

• Inform the insurance company of the date of loss.

• Inform your insurance company that your property has been examined by a qualified contractor who found damage

• Ask for a claim number and provide it to your Sutherlands Exteriors Project Coordinator
when you recive your claim Number yours Project coordinator & Insurance adjuster will identify any and all storm related damage to your property. You will be notified from your insurance Adjuster when the visit will take place.

• Your adjuster submits a report to the insurance company


• The insurance company sends you a loss summary report detailing the scope of damage

• Your Project Coordinator reviews the loss summary report to ensure the agreed upon scope of damages is complete and accurate.

• You select material and colors

• You and your Project Coordinator determine a construction date that best suits your schedule.

• Sutherlands Exteriors schedules all work to be completed in a timely and professional manner


• Materials are delivered

• Your Project Coordinator oversees the entire process

• Upon completion, the work will be surveyed by your Sutherlands Exteriors Project Coordinator to ensure quality and satisfaction.


• Sutherlands Exteriors collects payment from you upon completion of work and, as necessary, notifies your insurance company to release any remaining funds.

• You are responsible only for your deductible, suppliments and any agreed-upon upgrades.

• You receive all necessary documentation upon completion of work and receipt of payment in full.

We will work with ALL insurance companies, not just the companies that are listed here. For more information, please contact us today.

Company Name Catastrophe Phone #
21st Century Casualty Co 800-733-1980
21st Century Ins Co of the SW 800-733-1980
AAA Texas County Mutual Ins Co 800-67claim
Acadia Insurance Company 800-955-0325 option 6
Acceptance Casualty Ins Co 800-525-7486
ACE American Ins Co 800-433-0385
ACE Fire Underwriters Ins Co 800-433-0385
ACE Indemnity Ins Co 800-433-0385
ACE Property & Casualty Ins Co 800-433-0385
Affirmative Insurance Co 800-570-7733 or 800-850-7733
AIG Advantage Insurance Co 888-244-6163
AIG Casualty Co 888-244-6163
AIG Centennial Ins Co 888-244-6163
AIG Indemnity Ins Co 888-244-6163
AIG Preferred Ins Co 888-244-6163
AIG Premier Ins Co 888-244-6163
AIU Insurance Co 877-638-4244
All America Ins Co 888-263-2924 or 800-241-2541
Allianz Global Risk US Ins Co 800-421-0504
Allied Prop & Cas Ins Co 800-421-3535
Allmerica Financial Alliance 800-628-0250
Allmerica Financial Benefit 800-628-0250
Allstate County Mutual 800-547-8676
Allstate Fire & Casualty Ins Co 800-547-8676
Allstate Indemnity Company 800-547-8676
Allstate Insurance Co 800-547-8676
Allstate Prop & Cas Ins Co 800-547-8676
Allstate Texas Lloyds 800-547-8676
America First Ins Co 800-443-2533
America First Lloyd's Ins Co 800-443-2533
American Automobile Ins Co 888-347-3428 or 800-870-8857
American Bankers Ins Co of FL 877-459-6075
American Casualty Co of Reading, PA 877-262-2727
American Centennial Ins Co 302-479-2100
American Economy Ins Co 800-332-3226
American Fire & Casualty Co 800-366-6446
American Guarantee & Liability 866-828-6816 or 800-987-3373
American Hallmark Ins Co of TX 800-866-0047
American Home Assurance Co 212-770-7000
American Insurance Co 888-347-3428
American International Ins Co 888-244-6163
American International South 888-244-6163
American Manufacturers Mutual Ins Co 800-833-0355 or 888-252-2799
American Mercury Ins Co 800-503-3724
American Mercury Lloyds Ins Co 800-503-3724
American Modern Home 800-543-2644
American Modern Insurance Company 800-375-2075
American Modern Lloyds Insurance Company 800-375-2075
American Motorists Ins Co 800-833-0355 or 888-252-2799
American National County Mutual Ins Co 800-333-2860
American National GeneralIns 800-333-2860
American National Lloyds Ins Co 800-333-2860
American National Prop & Cas 800-333-2860
American Physicians Ins Exch 800-252-3628
American Reliable Ins Co 800-245-1505
American Risk Insurance Co 866-635-9959
American Security Ins Co 800-326-2845
American Standard Lloyds Ins Co 888-347-3428
American States Ins Co 800-332-3226
American States Ins Co of TX 800-332-3226
American States Lloyds Ins Co 800-332-3226
American States Preferred Ins Co 800-332-3226
American Strategic Ins Corp 866-274-5677
American Summit Ins Co 800-749-6419
American Zurich Ins Co 866-828-6816 or 800-987-3373
Amerisure Ins Co 800-441-0293 or 888-664-2524
Amerisure Mutual Ins Co 800-441-0293 or 888-664-2524
Amex Assurance Co 920-431-4000
Amica Lloyd's of Texas 800-242-6422
Amica Mutual Ins Co 800-242-6422
Argonaut Great Central Ins Co 888-301-7912
Argonaut Ins Co 800-470-7958
Argonaut-Midwest Ins Co 800-470-7958
Argonaut-Southwest Ins Co 800-470-7958
Armed Forces Ins Exchange 800-255-0187
ASI Lloyds 866-274-5677
Associated Indemnity Corp 888-347-3428 or 800-870-8857
Associated International Ins Co 800-243-1782
Association Casualty Ins Co 800-252-9641 or 800-279-8879
Assurance Co of America 866-828-6816 or 800-987-3373
Atlanta Casualty Co 919-759-3276
Atlantic Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
Atradius Trade Credit Ins Inc 800-423-6624
Audubon Insurance Co 888-244-6163
Austin Indemnity Lloyds Ins Co 866-877-7733
Auto Club Cas Co 800-67claim
AutoClubIndemnityCo 800-67claim
Automobile Ins Co of Hartford CT 800-CLAIM33
AutoOne Insurance Co 866-252-4669
AXIS Insurance Company 866-259-5435 x69448
AXIS Reinsurance Company 866-259-5435 x69448
AXIS Specialty Insurance Company 866-259-5435 x69448
AXIS Surplus Insurance Company 866-259-5435 x69448
B F Re Underwriters 203-975-7739
Balboa Insurance Co 866-331-4832
Balboa Life Insurance Co 866-331-4832
Bankers Standard Fire & Marine Co 800-433-0385
Bankers Standard Ins Co 800-433-0385
Beacon Lloyds Ins Co 800-766-1853
Beacon National Ins Co 800-766-1853
Bituminous Casualty Corporation 800-475-4477
Bituminous Fire & Marine Ins Co 800-475-4477
British American Ins Co 800-964-4242
Canal Indemnity Company 864-242-5365
Canal Insurance Company 864-242-5365
Capitol County Mutual Fire Ins Co 800-765-0550
Carolina Casualty Ins Co 800-874-8053
Catlin Insurance Co 800-876-2499
Central Mutual Insurance Co 888-263-2924 or 800-241-2541
Central States Ind Co of Omaha 800-445-6500
Century Indemnity Co 800-433-0385
Charter Oak Fire Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
Chicago Ins Co 888-347-3428
Chubb Indemnity Ins Co 800-252-4670
Chubb Lloyds Ins Co of Tx 800-252-4670
Church Mutual Ins Co (800) 554-2642
CIM Ins Corp 800-468-3466
Cincinnati Casualty Company 513-870-2000
Cincinnati Insurance Co 513-870-2000
Clarendon National Insurance Co 800-797-2526
CMI Lloyds 888-263-2924 or 800-241-2541
Colonial American Casualty & Surety Co 866-828-6816 or 800-987-3373
Colonial County Mutual Ins Co 800-421-3535
Colonial Lloyds 888-227-5119
Colony Insurance Company 800-577-6614
Colony National Insurance Company 800-577-6614
Columbia Insurance Co 402-536-3000
Columbia Lloyds Ins Co 800-275-6768
Commerce & Industry Ins Co 888-244-6163
Commercial Guaranty Casualty Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
Continental Cas Ins Co 877-262-2727
Continental Heritage Ins Co 866-489-6639
Continental Indemnity Co 877-234-4424
Continental Ins Co 877-262-2727
Continental Western Ins Co 800-955-0325 option 6
Converium Ins Inc 800-335-7826
Crum & Forster 800-690-5520
CUNA Mutual 800-225-8285
Cypress Texas Lloyds 888-892-9773
Diamond State Insurance Company 800-333-0352
Direct General Insurance Company 800-854-2426
Discover Property and Casualty Insurance Company 800-252-4633
Drive Insurance from Progressive 800-925-2886
DaimlerChrysler Ins Co 800-782-9164
Delta Lloyds Ins Co of Houston 800-666-2678
Electric Insurance Company 800-342-5342
Emcasco Ins Co 800-447-2295
Empire Fire & Marine Ins Co 888-680-8005
Employers’ Fire Insurance Co 877-248-4968
Employers Ins Co of Wausau 800-266-2800
Employers Mutual Casualty Co 800-447-2295
Employers Reinsurance Corp 800-255-6931
Encompass Home & Auto Ins Co 800-588-7400
Encompass Indemnity Co 800-588-7400
Encompass Independent Ins Co 800-588-7400
Encompass Ins Co of America 800-588-7400
Encompass Property & Casualty Co 800-588-7400
Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Company 800-352-5170
Essentia Insurance Co personal lines: 877-248-4968
Essex Insurance Company 800-963-7739
Esurance Insurance Co 800-926-1175
Evanston Insurance Co 800-243-1782
Everest National Ins Co 800-438-4375
Evergreen National Indemnity 866-489-6639
Executive Risk Indemnity Inc 800-252-4670
Fairfield Ins Co 402-346-1400
Fairmont Ins Co 800-392-1970
Fairmont Premier Insurance Co 800-392-1970
Fairmont Specialty Insurance Co 800-392-1970
Fairmont Specialty Lloyds 800-392-1970
Farm Bureau County Mutual Ins Co of TX 800-266-5458
Farm Family Casualty Ins Co 800-333-2860
Farmers Texas County Mutual Ins Co 800-435-7764
Farmington Casualty Co 800-CLAIM33
Farmland Mutual Ins Co 800-421-3535
Federal Ins Co 800-252-4670
Federated Mutual Ins Co 888-333-4949
Federated Service Ins Co 888-333-4949
FEMA 800-621-3362 (FEMA)
FFG Insurance Co 800-527-3448
Fidelity & Deposit Co of MD 866-828-6816
Fidelity & Guaranty Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
Fidelity & Guaranty Ins Underwriters 800-CLAIM33
Fire Insurance Exchange 800-435-7764
Fireman's Fund County Mutual Ins Co 888-347-3428
Fireman's Fund Insurance Co 888-347-3428
First Liberty Ins Corp 800-225-2467
First National Ins Co of America 800-332-3226
First Preferred Ins Co 800-925-7581
First Sealord Surety Inc 800-664-1791
Florists Mutual Ins Co 800-851-7740
Folksamerica Reinsurance Co 212-312-2500
Foremost County Mutual Ins Co 800-527-3907
Foremost Insurance Co 800-527-3907
Garrison Prop & Cas Ins Co 800-531-8222
GEICO General Ins Co 800-861-8380
GEICO Indemnity Co 800-861-8380
General Ins Co of America 800-332-3226
General Reinsurance Corp 203-328-5000
General Star National Ins 800-624-5237
Genesis Ins Co 402-346-1400
Genworth Mortgage Ins Corp 800-334-9270
GeoVera Insurance Co Homeowners: 800-319-6632,
Gerling America Ins Co 312-580-1900
Germania Farm Mutual Ins Association 877-437-6264
Germania Fire & Casualty Co 877-437-6264
Germania Insurance Co 877-437-6264
GMAC Direct Ins Co 800-468-3466
GMAC Ins Co Online Inc 800-468-3466
Government Employees Ins Co 800-861-8380
Gramercy Ins Co 888-202-0422
Granite State Ins Co 888-244-6163
Graphic Arts Mutual Ins Co 800-678-8422
Great American Alliance Ins Co 800-972-3008
Great American Assurance Co 800-972-3008
Great American Ins Co 800-972-3008
Great American Ins Co of NY 800-972-3008
Great American Lloyds Ins Co 800-972-3008
Great American Security Ins Co 800-972-3008
Great American Spirit Ins Co 800-972-3008
Great Northern Ins Co 800-252-4670
Great West Casualty Co 800-228-8602
Greenwich Insurance 877-600-XLCA
GuideOne Elite Ins Co 888-748-4326
GuideOne Lloyds Ins Co 888-748-4326
GuideOne Mutual Ins Co 888-748-4326
GuideOne Specialty Mutual Ins Co 888-748-4326
Hanover American Ins Co 800-628-0250
Hanover Insurance Co 800-628-0250
Hanover Lloyds Ins Co 800-628-0250
Harbor Specialty Ins Co 800-233-2442
Harco National Ins Co 800-822-4429 or 866-629-0847
Hartford Accident & Indemnity Co 800-243-5860
Hartford Casualty Ins Co 800-243-5860
Hartford Fire Ins Co 800-243-5860
Hartford Ins Co of the Midwest 800-243-5860
Hartford Lloyds Ins Co 800-243-5860
Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection 888-472-5677
Hartford Underwriters Ins Co 800-243-5860
Heartland Lloyds Ins Co 512-328-2166
Heritage Cas Ins Co 800-523-5758
Hochheim Prairie Casualty Ins Co 800-222-4736
Hochheim Prairie Farm Mut Ins Assn 888-473-6256
Homeland Central Ins Co 877-248-4968
Homeowners of Amer Ins Co 866-407-9896
Homewise Preferred Ins Co 877-209-1246
Horace Mann Insurance Co 800-999-1030
Horace Mann P & C Ins Co 800-999-1030
Houston General Ins Exch 877-248-4968
IDS Property & Casualty Ins Co 800-872-5246
Illinois National Ins Co 888-244-6163
Illinois Union Insurance Company 800-433-0385
Indemnity Ins Co of N America 800-433-0385
Indian Harbor Ins Co 877-600-XLCA
Indiana Ins Co 800-279-7221
Indiana Lumbermens Mut Ins Co 800-732-0777
Infinity County Mutual Ins Co 800-852-8888
Infinity Ins Co 800-334-1661
Insurance Co of North America 800-433-0385
Insurance Co of State of PA 888-244-6163
Insurors Indemnity Company 254-759-3701
Insurors Indemnity Lloyds 254-759-3701
Integon Indemnity Corp 800-468-3466
Integon National Ins Co 800-468-3466
InterIns Exch of the Auto Club 800-67claim
Interstate Indemnity Co 888-347-3428
Jefferson Ins Co 800-227-1700
Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company 800-558-6411
Kemper 888-252-2799
Kemper Lloyds Ins Co 800-833-0355
Lancer Ins Co 800-521-6155
Leader Ins Co 800-225-8930
Lexington Ins Co 800-931-9546
Lexon Ins Co 866-992-6637
Liberty County Mutual Ins Co 800-225-2467
Liberty Ins Corp 800-225-2467
Liberty Ins Underwriters Inc 800-225-2467
Liberty Mutual Fire Ins Co 800-225-2467
Liberty Mutual Ins Co 800-225-2467
Lincoln General Ins Co 717-757-0000
LM General Insurance Co 800-225-2467
LM Insurance Corp 800-225-2467
LMPersonalInsuranceCo 800-225-2467
LM Property & Casualty Ins Co 800-225-2467
Lone Star Natl Ins Co 800-732-0777
Lumbermens Underwriting Alliance 561-994-1900
Markel American Ins Co 800-236-3113
Markel Ins Co 800-362-7535
Markel International Insurance Co Limited 800-555-9698
Maryland Cas Co 800-987-3373
Maryland Ins Co 800-987-3373
Maryland Lloyds 800-987-3373
Massachusetts Bay Ins Co 800-628-0250
Medical Protective Co 800-344-1899
Medmarc Casualty Ins Co 708-422-7724
Mendakota Ins Co 800-422-0793
Mendota Insurance Co 800-422-0793
Merastar Ins Co 800-637-2782 Option 3
Mercury County Mutual Ins Co 800-503-3724
Meridian Citizens Mutual Ins Co 800-766-1853
Meridian Security Insurance Co 800-766-1853
Meritplan Insurance Co 866-331-4832
Metropolitan Casualty Insurance Co 800-854-6011
Metropolitan Direct Prop & Cas Ins Co 800-854-6011
Metropolitan General Insurance Co 800-854-6011
Metropolitan Grp P & C Ins Co 800-854-6011
Metropolitan Lloyds Ins Co of TX 800-854-6011
Metropolitan Property & Casualty Ins Co 800-854-6011
MGA Ins Co Inc 800-699-1561
MIC General Ins Corp 800-468-3466
MIC Property & Casualty Ins Corporation 800-468-3466
Mid-Century Insurance Company 800-435-7764
Mid-Century Insurance Company of Texas 800-435-7764
Mid-Continent Casualty Company 800-722-4994
Midwest Employers Cas Co 636-449-7000
Millers First Ins Co 800-699-9831
Mitsui Sumitomo Ins Co of America 866-676-6272
Mitsui Sumitomo Ins USA Inc 866-676-6272
Motors Insurance Corporation 800-468-3466
National Alliance Ins Co 800-468-3466
National American Ins Co 800-822-7802
National Casualty Company 800-421-3535
National Continental Ins Co 440-461-5000
National Fire Ins Co of Hartford 877-262-2727
National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) 800-427-4661
National General Ins Co 800-468-3466
National Indemnity Co 402-536-3000
National Interstate Ins Company 800-929-0870
National Liability & Fire Ins Co 402-536-3000
National Lloyds Ins Co 800-749-6419
National Standard Ins Co 866-828-6816
National Surety Corp 888-347-3428
National Union Fire Ins Co-LA 888-244-6163
National Union Fire Ins Co-Pitts 877-867-3783
Nationwide Affinity Ins Co of America 800-421-3535
Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance Co 800-421-3535
Nationwide General Insurance Company 800-421-3535
Nationwide Lloyds 800-421-3535
Nationwide Mutual Fire Ins Co 800-421-3535
Nationwide Mutual Ins Co 800-421-3535
Nationwide Property & Casualty Ins Co 800-421-3535
Netherlands Ins Co 800-225-2467
New Century Lloyds 800-611-9894
New Hampshire Ins Co 888-244-6163
Newport E&S Insurance Co 866-331-4832
Nissan Fire & Marine Ins Co 212-416-1337
North American Specialty Ins Co 800-222-6273
North River Ins Co 800-690-5520
Northern Assurance Co of America 617-725-6000
Northern Ins Co of NY 866-828-6816 or 800-987-3373
Northland Casualty Co 800-CLAIM33
Northland Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
Northwestern Pacific Indemnity 800-252-4670
Nova Casualty 800-289-3742
Occidental Fire & Casualty Company of NC 712-329-3600
Ohio Casualty Insurance Co 800-366-6446
Oklahoma Surety Co 918-587-7221
Old American County Mutual Fire Ins Co 866-233-7091 x 958
Old Republic General Ins Corp 800-766-5673
Old Republic Ins Co 800-766-5673
Old Republic Lloyds of TX 800-766-5673
OneBeacon America Ins Co 877-248-4968
OneBeacon Lloyds of Texas 877-248-4968
Pacific Employers Ins Co 800-433-0385
Pacific Indemnity Company 800-252-4670
Peerless Indem Ins Co 800-225-2467
Peerless Ins Co 800-225-2467
Penn-America Insurance Company 800-333-0352
Penn-Star Insurance Company 800-333-0352
Pennsylvania General Ins Co 877-248-4968
Pennsylvania Ntnl Mutual Cas Ins Co 800-766-2245
Permanent General Assurance Corporation 800-280-1466
Permanent General Assurance Corporation of Ohio 800-280-1466
Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company 800-247-5930
Phoenix Indemnity Ins Co 972-934-2400
Phoenix Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
Praetorian Insurance Co 866-390-7723
Priority One Ins Co 800-611-9894
ProCentury Ins Co 866-686-8586
Progressive Advanced Ins Co 800-274-4499
Progressive Casualty Ins Co 800-274-4499
Progressive Choice Ins Co 800-274-4499
Progressive County Mutual Ins Co 800-274-4499
Redland Ins Co 866-390-7723
Redwood Fire & Casualty 800-488-2930
Regent Insurance Company 800-362-5448
Reliable Life Insurance Company, The 800-765-0550
Reliable Lloyds Ins Co 480-483-8666
Republic Indemnity Co of America 800-821-4520
Republic Ins Co 212-230-5043
Republic Lloyds 800-451-0286 or 877-788-6009
Republic Underwriters Ins Co 800-451-0286 or 877-788-6009
Republic-Franklin Insurance Company 800-678-8422
RLI Insurance Company 800-444-0406
Rochdale Insurance Company 800-215-7265 x2142
RVOS Farm Mutual Ins Co 800-611-9894
SAFECO Ins Co of America 800-332-3226
SAFECO Ins Co of Illinois 800-332-3226
SAFECO Ins Co of IN 800-332-3226
SAFECO Lloyds Ins Co 800-332-3226
Sagamore Insurance Co 800-317-9402
Scottsdale Indem Co 800-423-7675
Security National Ins Co 800-777-2249
Select Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
Service Lloyds Ins Co 800-299-6977
Sompo Japan Ins Co of America 212-416-1337
Southern County Mutual Ins Co 800-451-0286 or 877-788-6009
Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Company 800-266-5458
Southern Insurance Co 800-451-0286 or 877-788-6009
Southern Vanguard Ins 800-451-0286 or 877-788-6009
St Paul Fire & Marine Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
St Paul Guardian Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
St Paul Insurance Co 800-CLAIM33
St Paul Mercury Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
St Paul Protective Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
Standard Fire Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
Standard Guaranty Insurance Company 800-652-1262
Standard Insurance Company 800-368-1135
Starnet Insurance Co 800-343-0592
State Auto 800-766-1853
State Farm County Mutual Ins Co of Texas 800-SFCLAIM
State Farm Fire and Casualty Co 800-SFCLAIM
State Farm Lloyds 800-SFCLAIM
State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins Co 800-SFCLAIM
Stonington Lloyds Ins Co 866-999-0898
SUA Insurance Co 877-782-3291
Sunshine State Ins Co 877-563-0150
Surety Bonding Company of America 877-262-2727
Swiss Re America Corp 800-222-6273
TAPCO 888-437-0373
Teachers Insurance Company 800-999-1030
Technology Insurance Company, Inc. 800-215-7265 x2142
Texas Builders Ins Co 512-708-9486
Texas Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co. 800-266-5458
Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters 800-266-5458
Texas Farmers Ins Co 800-435-7764
Texas General Indemnity Company 800-876-2499
Texas Heritage Ins Co 877-437-6264
Texas Hospital Insurance Exchange 800-792-0060
Texas Medical Liability Ins Under Assn 512-452-4370
Texas Pacific Indemnity Co 800-252-4670
TIG Indemnity Company 800-690-5520
Titan Indemnity Company 800-421-3535
TM Specialty 877-567-7486
Tnus Insurance Co 877-567-7486
Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Ins Co Ltd 877-567-7486
Traders & General Insurance Co personal lines: 877-248-4968
Trans Pacific Ins Co 877-567-7486
Transportation Ins Co 877-262-2727
Travco Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
Travelers Cas & Srty Co 800-CLAIM33
Travelers Cas & Srty Co of America 800-CLAIM33
Travelers Cas Ins Co of America 800-CLAIM33
Travelers Casualty Co of CT 800-CLAIM33
Travelers Commercial Casualty Co 800-CLAIM33
Travelers Commercial Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
Travelers Home & Marine Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
Travelers Indem Co 800-CLAIM33
Travelers Indemnity Co of America 800-CLAIM33
Travelers Indemnity Co of CT 800-CLAIM33
Travelers Lloyds Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
Travelers Lloyds of Texas Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
Travelers Personal Security Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
Travelers Property Casualty Co of America 800-CLAIM33
Travelers Property Casualty Ins Co 800-CLAIM33
Trinity Lloyds Ins Co 888-252-2799
Trinity Universal Ins Co 888-252-2799
Trinity Universal Ins Co of KS 888-252-2799
Truck Ins Exch 800-435-7764
Twin City Fire Insurance Company 800-243-5860
U S Fidelity and Guaranty Co 800-CLAIM33
Union Insurance Co 800-955-0325 option 6
Union Insurance Co of Providence 800-447-2295
Union Standard Insurance Co 800-955-0325 option 6
Union Standard Lloyds 800-955-0325 option 6
United Financial Cas Co 800-274-4499
United Fire & Casualty Co 800-876-2499
United Fire & Indemnity Co 800-876-2499
United Fire Lloyds 800-876-2499
United Guaranty Mortgage Indemnity Co 888-822-5584
United Guaranty Residential Ins Co 888-822-5584
United Guaranty Residential Ins Co of NC 888-822-5584
United National Insurance Company 800-333-0352
United National Specialty Insurance Company 800-333-0352
United Services Automobile Association 800-531-8722
United States Fire Ins Co 800-690-5520
Unitrin Auto & Home Ins Co 800-777-2249
Unitrin County Mutual Ins Co 800-777-2249
Unitrin Direct 800-437-8394
Unitrin Preferred Ins Co 800-777-2249
Universal Insurance Exchange 214-350-3292
Universal North America Insurance Company 866-999-0898
Universal Surety of America 877-262-2727
Universal Underwriters Ins Co 800-821-7803
Universal Underwriters of TX 800-821-7803
USAA Casualty Insurance Company 800-531-8722
USAA County Mutual Ins Co 800-531-8722
USAA General Indemnity Co 800-531-8722
USAA Texas Lloyd's Co 800-531-8722
USLI 800-523-5545
Utica Lloyd's of Texas 800-678-8422
Utica Mutual Insurance Co 800-678-8422
Utica National Insurance Co of Tx 800-678-8422
Utica Specialty Risk Insurance Company 800-678-8422
Valiant Ins Co 866-828-6816
Valley Forge Ins Co 877-262-2727
Vanliner Insurance Co 800-325-3619
Vigilant Insurance Company 800-252-4670
Virginia Surety Company Inc 866-685-1387
Voyager Property & Casualty Insurance 800-245-1505
Wausau Business Ins Co 800-266-2800
Wausau Underwriters Ins Co 800-266-2800
West American Insurance Company 800-366-6446
Westchester Fire Ins Co 800-433-0385
Westchester Surplus Lines Ins Co 800-433-0385
Wesco Insurance Company 800-215-7265 x 2142
Westport Insurance Corp 800-241-3470
Windsor Insurance Co / Infinity Standard 800-852-8888
XL Capital Assurance Inc 877-600-XLCA
XL Ins Co of NY Inc 877-600-XLCA
XL Insurance America Inc 877-600-XLCA
XL Lloyds 877-600-XLCA
XL Reinsurance America Inc 877-600-XLCA
XL Select Ins Co 877-600-XLCA
XL Specialty Ins Co 877-600-XLCA
ZC Specialty Ins Co 866-828-6816
Zenith Insurance Co 800-440-5020
Znat Insurance Co 800-440-5020
Zurich American Ins Co 866-828-6816


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